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Fruits And Vegetable Juicer With Steel Handle


Naya Naulo

Juicers & Fruit Extractors

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    • Easy turn handle for hassle-free juicing, Stainless steel filter that deseeds the fruits and vegetables
    • Patented anti-drip system for clear and fresh juice
    • All parts are detachable for easy cleaning, Made from plastic and stainless steel
    • Firm vacuum base for sturdy operation, Extra-large metal feed tube and metal handle
    • Colour: Multi color, Material: Plastic
    • :RJ Products Rajkot India
    • steel jali
    • Unbreakable body
    • Create Homemade fresh juice in minuits
    • Ideal for Orange,Pineapple,Grapes,Sweet Lime,Watermelon,Pomegranate,Bittergourd,Palak,Tomato Etc.
    • Have a healthy start to your day with the Ganesh fruit and vegetable juicer with a steel handle. While its compact form makes it easy to store or carry wherever you go, its unique design with filtration capability ensures that it extracts maximum juice from fruits and vegetables regardless of how hard or juicy they are. The Ganesh fruit and vegetable juicer clamps to any smooth surface and provides you instant access to juice without electricity. It comes with a custom-fit juice collector and lets you enjoy a cup of juice of your favourite citrus fruits such as oranges, sweet limes and more. This juicer can be used to prepare fresh and healthy juices from a wide range of greens including spinach, wheatgrass and more. As it eliminates pulp and seeds using the stainless steel filter, you can safely use seeded fruits and vegetables such as pomegranate, tomato and more. Shop for this fruits and vegetable juicer and prepare fresh and healthy juices in an effortless manner.
    • Prepare Fresh Juices from Fruits and Vegetables :
    • Set a new standard in juice extraction, opt for the Ganesh fruits and vegetable juicer with steel handle and enjoy the incredible health benefits of juicing. You can use it to make a whole variety of green juice and other juice recipes from fruits or vegetables. Improve your intake of healthy vitamins and minerals by using the Ganesh fruits and vegetable Juicer to prepare tasty and healthy juices every day.
    • Removes Pulp and Seeds with Ease :
    • Treat yourself or surprise your family and friends with glasses full of fresh juice with the Ganesh fruits and vegetable juicer that helps you savour vital nutrients without the pulp and seeds if you choose. While vegetables and fruits contain a large amount of health benefits, eating them on a regular basis does not sound palatable to most people. The Ganesh fruits and vegetable juicer eliminates this problem by producing tasty juices while eliminating seeds for a wholesome healthy drink.

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