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Dhukuti Coffee Table With Storage_Brown & Blue_Tyre Treasures

Rs8,550.00 Rs9,500.00

Tyre Treasures

Living Room Furniture

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    • Product: Dhukuti Table
    • Material: Mango Wood, Tyre, Jute
    • Color: Blue Brown
    • Premium Quality
    • Made by upcycling end-of-life tyres.
    • Draped with organic jute rope and organically dyed cotton rope by the women of Nepal.
    • The coffee table is also a storage unit. The mango wood slab on the top can be easily slidoff and one can easily store items in it.
    • Strong and aesthetically beautiful mango wood

    The word "Dhukuti" is a local Nepali term for a space at home that is separated for storage purpose. While people nowadays may not have the luxury of a separate dedicated space for storage, we believe in making the best of what we have and come up with multiple uses from our available resources. Our Dhukuti serves as a table as well as storage. One only needs to slide off the wooden lid off , and there you have your storage space. The table is made frorm upcycled end-of-life tyres draped with organic jute rope and topped with stornf and aesthetically beautiful mango wood.

    ​We at Tyre Treasures believe in green ideas, functionality and practicality of our products, and design. With Dhukuti, we aim to show the multiple uses we can gain from discarded tyres without compromising on aesthetics.

    ​Tyre Treasure is a green enterprise of Nepal that aims to address the ever-increasing pollution caused by non-biodegradable inorganic waste, primarily tyres. We follow the principles of “Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.” and; upcycle tyres into refined products to promote a culture of conservancy and judicious use of resources. All our products are a perfect blend of sustainability, utility and elegance.

    With each product of Tyre Treasure, we aim to keep tyres away from brick kilns, landfills and stop 60% of new materials from being extracted from the environment. When not upcycled or recycled, these tyres either would have been collecting dusts, harboring pests on road or worse, they would have been burned as fuel at brick kilns. As they are not designed to be burned, they release toxic fumes harmful to all living organism.

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