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Godrej ViroShield UV-C Disinfecting Device 4.0

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Brand: Godrej

More Than  99% Disinfection Against COVID-19 Virus
Godrej ViroShield operates at 254nm which is the optimal wavelength of disinfection for killing pathogens, virus & bacteria including Covid-19 virus with 99%+ disinfection 

Disinfects Against COVID-19 Virus in 2 to 6 Minutes
Godrej ViroShield is tested & certified to disinfect against more than 99% Covid-19 viruses in just 2 to 6 minutes

Tested and Certified
Godrej ViroShield is tested & certified for UVC irradiance by an ICMR empanelled Lab

360° UV Surrond Technology
Godrej ViroShield comes with 4 UV-C Tubes, maximum in its capacity and highest possible 6-side reflective interiors for 360° UV-C Coverage

100% UV Leakproof Cabinet
Direct exposure to UV-C rays can harm human health. Godrej ViroShield is tested & certified for 100% UV leak proof cabinet, it comes with No see through surface, Magnetic Door Sealing Gasket and Auto Cut-off in case of accidental door Opening

Larger Capacity
With 30L capacity it can disinfect larger items and multiple items at the same time

1 Year Comprehensive Warranty

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