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Moshi Keramo Premium Ceramic Driver Earbuds


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  • Experience clean, audiophile-grade sound with Keramo, a premium pair of ceramic earbuds by Moshi Audio. Our product designers used sintered ceramic for the driver housing of Keramo to ensure a nearly flat frequency response with minimal harmonic distortion. Ultra high definition 9mm drivers produce a pure sound with natural bass sound, smooth mids and mellow highs. Keramo comes with a custom carrying case and six sets of hybrid silicone eartips for maximum comfort. Sintered ceramic housing delivers a natural and pristine sound. Ultra high definition XR9 drivers produce extended range (10 Hz - 22 kHz / -10dB@1kHz). Integrated omnidirectional MEMS microphone ideal for smartphones. Custom carrying case with cable management. Cable Length 3.9 ft/1.2 m Available In Black Product Name: Keramo Premium Ceramic Driver Earbuds Product Weight : 0.88 oz (25 g) Transducer Unit : XR9 full range 9mm neodymium driver Cavity/housing : ceramic Sensitivity : 100 +/- 3dB @ 1kHz Frequency Response : 10 - 22,000Hz (-10dB @ 1kHz) Impedance : 24 ? Ear-coupling Type : standard and PivoTip hybrid injection silicone eartips Noise isolation (passive) : up to 23dB In-line control : single button with microphone App Burn in tool Like breaking in a new pair of leather shoes, high-quality headphones perform better once they've been used over time. This process can take several weeks or even months, so Moshi Audio has developed a helpful iOS application to expedite the burn-in process. By playing back a curated list of tones/frequencies, the Moshi Audio Burn-In Tool allows the headphone diaphragms to relax and reach their optimal level of sonic performance. Simply install the burn-in tool on any iOS device and select the headphone and desired burn-in period. The burn-in tool is customized for all Moshi Audio headphones, but also includes support for any third-party audio headsets as well. Instructions Getting the best out of your earphones Ears come in different shapes and sizes, make sure to pick the most appropriate ear tips for your ears. Try out all of them to see which ones give you the best seal of your ear canal. A good fit guarantees good bass output. To minimize microphonics effect, try wearing the earphones with cables going over your ears. High fidelity earphones require properly encoded music. Compression with bit rates higher than 192k or lossless source files recommended for satisfactory auditioning experience. WARNING Do not operate any vehicle or heavy machinery while listening to earphones since your ability to hear ambient sound is greatly reduced. Also refrain from wearing these earphones while walking, running or cycling through areas of traffic. Make sure the volume is set at a reasonable level before playing any songs, abrupt volume spike could cause hearing damage. Elevated listening volumes can cause permanent hearing damage, please reference the guideline below for recommended usage limit (OSHA Regulation 1910.95):. 90 dbA 8 hrs, 92 dbA 6 hrs, 95 dbA 4 hrs, 97 dbA 3 hrs, 100 dbA 2 hrs, 102 dbA 1.5 hrs, 105 dbA 1 hr, 110 dbA 0.5 hr, 115 dbA < 0.25 hr USING THE MIC BUTTON (certain functions supported by Apple iOS devices only) During music playback, clicking the button once will pause playback, click again to resume. Double click the button to skip forward to the next song (FF), triple click to go back to the previous song (REW). For calls: click the button once to pick up the call. Click and hold the button for 2 seconds then release to decline the call. Call waiting: click the button once to put the first call on hold and switch over to the second call. Click and hold the button 2 seconds then release to end the first call and pick up the second call.

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